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Educational aims


The Faculty of Arts has promoted students' trainings in companies and institutions, and has included them into the curricula of all the degree programmes taught at the University of Lleida. It is believed that this is the first step in providing students with work experience that will help them to directly or indirectly join the labout market.

In the last year of their studies, students will go on a practicum in a company or institution. The aim of the training is to enable students to complete their training via professional experiences that require the use of the knowledge acquired during their Degree.

In most cases, these students trainings will be students' first practical experience in their field of specialisation, and will thus provide new specific knowledge related to their studies. It will supply students with an enriching experience that will improve their curricula and will grant them the opportunity to gain a general view of the professional world.

During their practicum, students will be assigned a tutor in the company or institution and a teacher from the faculty who will supervise them to ensure that all learning tasks are performed correctly. Students will have regular contact sessions with their tutors in the company or institution.

At the end of the practicum, students must hand in a report, which will be assesed based on its quality, the company tutor's report and the academic tutor's report.

Further information about the whole process and a list of the companies or institutions in which the students can do an internship are available here.